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How to Create a Creative + Wearable Doodle Collection Look!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

To Doodle Doo or Doodle Dee?

Okay, who here has a hard time making a decision? Sometimes it's better to have many options rather than one.

If you know SUVA Beauty's Doodle products, you know that this is the solution to most of your makeup decisions. You get two colors in one pot, and million mixing combinations in-between if you mix the colors together. Talk about massive steal!

Jenna, a fellow SUVA Beauty team member, LOVES the Doodle Mix Cake Collection (which is available at SUVA Beauty for a limited amount of time *wink wink*). She chose it as her holiday staff pick!

In this bundle get Doodle, Doodle Doo, Doodle Dee, not to mention 2 cute water dropper bottles that are perfect for your Hydra Liners, a UV keychain flashlight and the Six Twenty liner brush! Not to plug the product TOO hard, but I made a look inspired by Jenna's pick, and it turned out pretty amazing (tootin' my own horn over here). Now, let me break this down for you.

Recreate the Look:

Key tips on how to activate your Hydra Liners here!

  1. Using the white from "Doodle" Hydra Liner, create a curved line along your crease.

  2. Now, take the black from "Doodle" Hydra Liner and make the outline of a sharp wing at your inner corner. You can fill it in, but I wanted to make a linear outline!

  3. Under the outer corner of one eye, draw two little hearts. One in the pink and one in the orange from "Doodle Dee" Hydra FX. Repeat the same thing on the other eye using the blue and yellow from "Doodle Doo" Hydra FX.

  4. Pop on some lashes and add mascara to your bottom lashes, now you have the finished look!

This may just be my favorite look yet!

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