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Rainbow Ombré Graphic Eyeliner with the UV Hydra FX!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Rainbow Ombrés Are My New Thing.

As you may all know, our "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection has been a bestselling SUVA Beauty product. Even SUVA's very own, Jodi, chose it as her holiday staff pick! She gave me the inspiration to create a rainbow ombré Hydra Liner look! Ready to jump on board with color?

Recreate the Look: Using your "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection, prepare by organizing the colors in the order of a rainbow! (Key tips on how to activate your Hydra Liners here!)

  1. On one eye (starting on the inner corner), take "Dance Party," then "Acid Trip," and lastly "Bomb AF." Make a small line of each color along your lash line. Repeat on the other eye (starting on the inner corner) using "Fanny Pack," "Tracksuit," and "Grape Soda." Be sure to leave a little bit of space between each color.

  2. Using a wet liner brush (I used the Six Ten Brush), connect the colors together - one color at a time. You may need to dip into a bit of each color for a more seamless blend.

  3. Pop on some lashes and add mascara to your bottom lashes, now you have the finished look!

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