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SUVA Beauty 2021 Holiday Staff Picks!

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Need help picking out the *right* gift for a friend or yourself? 😏 Check our Holiday Staff Picks for must-have SUVA Beauty products!

*Not applicable with any other discounts or promotions.

Shaina - Magic + Ecstasy Palette

"I am absolutely obsessed with the Magic and Ecstasy palette!!! My go-to look is applying the green “charmed” all over the lid with a little bit of the black “delusional” blended onto the outer corner for some more dimension and topped off with Alchemy! Also, the packaging is the most stunning thing in the world. I mean who is that girl on the cover?"

Olivia - Neon Brush Set

"Obviously the brushes in the Neon Brush Set are fantastic, but have you seen this packaging and the color of the brushes!? I love that I have all the essential eye brushes I need PLUS they're super easy to pick out from my hectic mess of brushes."

Melissa - "UV Taffies: Hydra FX Palette

"I would have to pick the 'UV Taffies' Hydra FX Palette because it universally looks good on all skin tones! I mean, who doesn't love pastels."

Jodi - "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection

"My holiday pick this year is the 'We Make Rainbows Jealous' Hydra FX Collection! It’s the perfect introduction for anyone that wants to get into bright and colorful liner. Personally, I bought this for myself as I always have wanted to be more bold with my makeup. The collection comes in the cutest 2g pots and limited edition packaging! It’s the perfect gift for anyone that loves all things color!"

Adrian - Abstract Thoughts

"I am getting 'Abstract Thoughts' for my mom. It’s her favorite lip shade, complements her skin tone beautifully and matches her bubbly and bright personality. It’s the perfect color to add some pop to the holiday season!"

Jenna - Doodle Mix Cake Collection (Limited Edition)

"My holiday pick this year is the limited edition Doodle Collection! I got it this year for my 13 year old cousin as it’s the perfect gift for any SUVA starter. You get Doodle Dee and Doodle Doo which are bold neon liners, and then the original Doodle to either use on it’s own or tint/shade the other Doodles for some dreamy pastel shades! This collection is the best for anyone that wants to experiment with hydra liners! AND you also get our iconic Six Twenty brush, 2 water dropper bottles and a UV flashlight!"

Salma - One Eighty Brush

"My go-to SUVA Beauty gift idea has to be the One Eighty Brush! No matter what you use it for, it will become a staple in your beauty routine. Powders, cream blushes, or bronzer... the possibilities are endless!"

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