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Updated: Dec 29, 2021

#SUVAMIXOLOGY - Mix Hydra Liners/FX to create new colors!

'How do I mix my Hydra Liners to create new colors?'

Great question! Here are tips for mixing Hydra Liners/FX in the most sanitary way possible:

1. Using a wet makeup brush, separately activate the two Hydra Liner/FX shades you want to mix.

2. Once the Hydra Liners/FX are activated to a creamy texture, put a little of each shade onto a clean makeup palette.

3. While the product is still creamy, use a clean makeup brush to mix the shades together in the middle of the palette.

4. Mix darker shades in small parts as darker shades will quickly overtake lighter shades.

5. Apply the mixed shade once you have the desired color!

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