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The Pastel Eyeliner Frenzy! Using UV Taffies: 5 Colors, 1 Look!

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

What's the deal with pastels?

Pastel colors have taken the fashion and beauty industries by storm. Soft pinks, light blues, mint green - they're everywhere you go! These light-toned colors have become a staple for the followers of the soft/cottage core style. There is something light, yet captivating about the simplicity of such colors. With their rapid growth in popularity over the last couple years, it's no doubt that these colors may be here to stay.

In the beauty industry alone, pastels are being used year-round. Personally, my favorite part is how universal they've become. These colors are truly flattering on everyone. SUVA Beauty staff member, Melissa, actually chose SUVA's "UV Taffies" Hydra FX palette as her holiday staff pick. And honestly, I can see exactly why she picked it. I think she hit the nail on the head by saying, "it universally looks good all skin tones!" Not to mention that this Hydra FX palette is also FAN FAVORITE.

So, I wanted to test it out. What is the hype behind pastels in fashion and beauty? I played with the UV Taffies Hydra FX palette to see if I could create something abstract, yet fashionably fun. And now, you can too!

Recreate the Look:

Key tips on how to activate your Hydra Liners here!

  1. Using the "UV Taffies" Hydra FX palette, take "Mini Monster" and a liner brush (I used 423 from the Neon Brush Set), and make a pea-sized circle near the inner corner of your eye. Take "Bubble Butt" and make a 1-inch curved line along your crease.

  2. With "Silly Billy," create a wing (at your desired degree of dramatic-ness) from the outer corner of your eye. Start the wing at the middle of your lash line. Be sure to connect the tip of the wing with the wing from "Bubble Butt. Using "Smarty Pants," create a line to connect the inner corner of your lash line to the beginning of "Silly Billy."

  3. Take "Cuddle Cake" and create three small circles on the outside of your wing. Pop on some lashes and add mascara to your bottom lashes, now you have the finished look!

I am usually too afraid to experiment with such abstract shapes and colors, but doing this in pastels definitely made the look a hundred times better.

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